How to wash active wear // 如何清洗運動衣

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We’re now in mid-Summer and a lot of people are getting hot, active and sweaty. Here we offer six tips to keep your active wear looking and smelling great, and keeping up with your performance.


1.  Wash in cold water. Washing in hot water can break down the fabric and leads to shrinkage. All Soapnut Republic laundry care products are designed to perform best in cold water.

用冷水洗滌。熱水在洗滌過程中會破壞織物纖維並導致變形縮水。 Soapnut Republic的全線洗衣產品都經過特殊設計,在冷水中表現出色。

2.  Machine wash after each wear with Soapnut Republic Laundry Powder. Our robust, non-toxic, low-suds formula is highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed to achieve extremely effective results.

每次穿著後,使用Soapnut Republic礦物源洗衣粉機洗。我們強效、無毒、低泡的獨有配方乃高度濃縮而成,僅需極小的份量就能帶來卓著成效。

3.  If you are washing delicate performance gear, we recommend machine washing your garments within appropriately sized mesh laundry bags to avoid damage.


4.  Don’t use toxic fabric softeners. The chemicals contained in most of these products will build up in the material and eventually make your active wear far less effective for keeping you cool. If you prefer to add softener, we recommend adding ¼ of a cup of white vinegar to your machine’s rinse cycle for a natural and very effective alternative.


5.  Air dry your active wear. Heat and agitation during a machine drying cycle can change the fit, reduce elasticity and alter the performance of your garments.


6.  Once a week (or every few wears) we suggest soaking your active wear overnight (or at least for a few hours) in Soapnut Republic Laundry Soaker. It will help to prevent sweat from bonding to the fabric, and ultimately keep your active wear deodorised and fresh to wear over and over again.

每週(或每幾次換洗後)我們建議您使用Soapnut Republic的衣物浸​​泡粉,將運動衣物整夜浸泡其中(或至少數小時)。這樣能有效預防汗液與織物的混合,因而衣物不會帶有任何異味,反复換洗也不受影響。

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy training with clean, undamaged clothes. With a US$56 billion global active-wear market, and China planning to get 500 million of its citizens to exercise regularly by 2025, active wear isn’t going anywhere but to the laundry room (Lingerie Journal Staff, 2016). Let us help you to keep yours looking good!

上述幾條小貼士能讓您在鍛煉時享受到干淨如新的運動衣物。全球目前的運動衣物市場已達到560億美元,而中國則計劃在2025年將日常運動居民人數提升到5億人,運動衣物將走進越來越多的洗衣間裡(Lingerie Journal Staff, 2016) 。請讓我們幫您一起保持運動時的良好形象吧!

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