How to find and get rid of mold naturally and effectively?

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Mold or Mould is a type of fungus species and is very common in the modern household, especially when the environment is dirty and humid. In tropical, hot & humid South East Asian countries, it is especially easy for it to grow, if we are not careful and aware. 

Mold typically happens when there is dust and humidity. This combination will create an environmen for the mold fungi to cultivate and "prosper". Therefore, it is very important to clean your home regularly to remove dust and air your home often to remove moisture.

Let's find out where mold (or mould) tend to breed

The Toilet

One of the preferred places for mold is in the toilet, where is warm and humid. They typically grow below the sink, on the sides of the toilet wooden cabinets and on the toilet fixtures. Always remember to air your toilet, especially, after a warm shower, this would help to dissipate the warm water vapour. In the event that your toilet does not have a window, use a ventilator (or a simple fan) to allow for air circulation and to also blow away the water vapour. 

The Kitchen

This is one of the most common areas where mold breed. With the constant cooking and washing, the oil and water and warm environment will be a wonderful breeding ground for mold. What you can do is to always clean up after cooking, rinse the sink after washing up, so no residue is left. Air the pantry cupboards occasionally and look under the sink.

Your Bedroom

Mold can appear even in your bedroom!! Behind the cupboards, below the bed and against the walls. Mold grows well especially, if you have air-condition in your room due to the difference in temperature from inside and outside your home, water vapour will build up. With the combination of dust (mold food), mold will quickly build up. Air your room often, and move furniture to wipe away the dust regularly.

In the Washing Machine

Be it front loader or top loader, the washing machine is the perfect breeding ground for mold. For front loaders, take a look between the fonrt seal and check if mold has build up there. Top loaders will usually have issue inside the drum of the washing machine. It is also good practise to get professional cleaners to come in to dismantle the washing machine and do a thorough clean up of the waching machine. 

Other Places In Your Home

Now, put on your hunting cap, and look out for any other places which have dampness, appears dark and is humid. What about the storage room? What about behind the TV console? What about the shoe rack? What about the ceiling? In the attic? The false seilings? etc ... 

Getting Rid of Mold

Thankfully, getting rid of mold is not as challenging as you may imagine. All you need to do is to use the right approach and tools. You first have the old school methods, such as using vinegar and lemon. These are acid-based compounds that will immediately attack mold. But they don’t last for a long time, as they only clean the surface and in the right conditions, mold will come back.

Alternatively, you can also use natural cleaning products, which have unique ingredients such as enzymes or soapnut berries extract to do a thorough and effective clean. These tend to not only clean the surface but also clean deeper and remove the mold spores thoroughly. 

In our tests, we found that Soapnut Republic multi-purpose cleaner has been very effective in removing mold, and permanently removing mold from the problem areas. Don't believe? Try it for yourself. 

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