"As a Holistic Health Coach, I take great care in selecting which home and personal care products I use. Our skin easily absorbs the chemicals we are exposed to in our daily environment and many of the endocrine disrupting chemicals contribute to ageing, chronic disease and toxin buildup. After doing quite a bit of homework, I understand how the artificially clean smell of most commercial products wreaks havoc on our bodies. Soapnut Republic is one of the only companies I know of that actually practices truly sustainable, eco-friendly and non-toxic methods in their production of home cleaning products. The products smell great, and they are effective in keeping my clothing fresh and my bathroom and kitchen floors free of dirt and germs without the hazardous potential side effects that come with other brands. I particularly love the foaming lavender hand soap and stock it in all of my bathrooms. Their essentials bundle makes a great housewarming gift for friends too."
Elizabeth Shieffelin, Founder of Lizzy's All Natural, American

"A guest visiting my house accidentally spilled about half a glass of red wine on my sofa. Whilst the stain was still wet, I sprayed some Soapnut Republic Multi-Purpose Spray onto the stain and blotted it with lots of paper towel. This got most of the stain out of the wool fabric on the sofa. I then applied the spray a second time and kept on blotting the area until it was almost dry. The next morning, there was not even a shadow of stain left. The fabric is as good as new.”
Daniel, Australian

"Your skin absorbs all it is in contact with. Think about it... If your skin is in contact with clothes that were washed with a healthy, natural product, it feels good. It makes all the difference with eco friendly detergent for the skin, especially in Shanghai where water is so bad even with a filter. I used the natural soapnuts in Brazil. Believe me, it's much better with Home Tonics. Nothing compares!"
Virgini, French

"I grew up using Tide and other conventional products - thinking that the stronger the chemicals the cleaner my clothing would be.... After learning about the hazardous effects of these conventional products on my skin and overall health I sought out an non-toxic and eco-friendly type of laundry detergent but was really skeptical on how clean my clothes and linens would actually be. THANK YOU to Soapnut Republic for coming out with this - by far the most effective eco-cleaner I've used and I love the smell. The thinner consistency threw me off guard at first but after reading the ingredient list and emailing with the founders about how each part of the solution was chosen and sourced I realized just how committed to quality and sustainability the brand is."
Elizabeth, American

"Why is their hand soap better than other brands? Use very little, even 1 push of foam is enough, to get the feeling of smooth, clean and neat hands. Foam feels like perfume cloud! I am an artist so need to wash my hands all the time with glue or dust to remove. I just love it!"
Virgini, French

"We use the lemongrass hand soap daily and trust its disinfecting qualities and love how clean and fresh our hands feel afterwards."

"The fresh mint scent (foaming hand soap) like tea tree, is absolutely divine. The silky-smooth foam is great because it washes off quickly yet cleans efficiently. I love it!"

"Loved the Mint Foaming Hand Soap so much that I now keep them in both my kitchen and bathroom at all times. The scent is natural and refreshing, cleans well without drying out my skin as much as regular soap."

"I use the All Purpose Spray everywhere in our apartment. It works just a well on my kitchen counters as it does on the bathroom tiles. It has a nice clean smell without being over powering."

"With two cats at home, accidents happen. I have been looking for a good product that can clean cat urine. Pet stains and smells are very difficult to get out of fabric. I have tried other products but that faint smell of urine always remains. At an eco fair I got talking to the people from Soapnut Republic about their ingredients and I decided to try their Glass Cleaner. Well, it works! After soaking out the moisture with paper towel, I just spray the whole area and let it soak for a while before putting it into the wash. When it comes out there’s no stain and no smell. I’m really happy I found this product. It has saved my bed sheets and even my mattress many times!"
Bunny, Chinese

"I love to wash my hands with the lavender foaming hand soap. Soft, effective and reminds me of the fields of lavender where I grew up."
James, English

"Soapnut Republic has changed my view of effective household cleaners. Limited suds, lighter residues and mildly aromatic products have challenged my conventional understanding of what is effective, and yet my clothes, my plates, my floors look and feel as clean as they did when I was using synthetic products. As a mum, I feel better using Soapnut Republic products. If my toddler puts food in his mouth that's been on the floor, I still think it's gross but I'm not as concerned as I was when we were using harsh chemicals for cleaning. Our clothes are as clean after washing with Soapnut Republic as they were when we were using other commercial products, and they actually feel softer and less starchy. The foaming hand washes smell so fresh and natural, and the complete opposite of your standard medicated, skin-drying products on the market. The Fruit & Vegetable Wash is great. With a base of vinegar, the product actually leaches toxins and dirt from our fruit and veggies in a totally natural way. I was really surprised to see how much dirt came out of the spinach I bought from the market!"
Lou, Australian

"We purchased a Starter Kit and couldn't be happier with the products. Not only do they smell gorgeous but they don't irritate my skin the way some products do. I am especially fond of the Concentrated Floor Cleaner, which brings a beautiful shine to both my slate and wooden floors; although the smell of Eucalyptus makes me homesick!"
Melanie, Australian

"I found the Soapnut Republic products very good. I use the foaming hand soap everyday and love the way it leaves my hands smelling wonderful and feeling clean."

"Loved all of your products!"
Nicole, New Zealander

"I have been using your handsoap for quite sometime now. I like it very much."
Mr Zhang, Chinese

"The products are easy to use and they work well. They smell great too! It makes me happy knowing they are safe for me to use, and the families I work for like me to use the products in their homes. They are very safe for young children and that is important."
Jenny, Chinese (Professional Ayi)

"We have a one year old son and it is really important for us to know that the products we use are completely safe. We've been using the products from the Home Tonics Starter Kit for several months now. They're effective, the essential oils leave and lovely fragrance in the house, and we're much happier knowing we're using products that are safe for our family and the environment. We have a dog and we're really looking forward to trying the Bark Avenue products too."
Alisha, Australian