Green Initiatives

Soapnut Republic Hong Kong is taking green matters into our own hands with a number of eco-friendly initiatives. We absolutely believe in reducing single-use plastics and following the mantra of "REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE" whenever we can. Learn more below.


Refilled Bottles

You can now purchase Soapnut Republic products in REFILLED BOTTLES.

We accept used and clean bottles to be returned and they will be used for refills.

Our Refilled Bottle Products are offered at 10% off.

To shop, click here or shop via the "Refilled" link in the top navigation. Make sure to select "Refilled" in the drop down before adding the product to your cart.

Return Bottles

Please help us reuse bottles by dropping your empty (clean & dry) Soapnut Republic 5L containers at one of the following locations:

  • Our Soapnut Republic warehouse at A1, 9/F Evergreen Industrial Mansion Wong Chuk Hang
  • Live Zero Sai Ying Pun
  • Live Zero Sai Kung
  • Edgar in WanChai

**Please make sure that bottles are clean & dry prior to return!

Soap Cycling Partnership

To help under privileged communities in Hong Kong as well as reduce single use plastic byproducts, we are also collecting & donating 1L and 5L bottles to Soap Cycling. 

Soap Cycling provides soaps, shampoos and other items to those in need. They collect these items from various partners and donors and combine them into 1L bottles.

After the recipient uses up the 1L bottle, Soap Cycling offers a monthly refill using the 5L bottles filled with the soaps, shampoos, etc.

We also hope this will reduce single use plastic bottle byproducts in the long run.

View the Chinese pamphlet from Soap Cycling below, or click here to download PDF.