Smells Good, Feels Good Home Cleaning

Posted by Christine Dormeier on

I like to ask you to take a moment to recall what your home cleaning products smell like.

Does your dish washing liquid smell like over-powering lemon?
Does your floor cleaning liquid smell like sweetened pine?
Does your laundry powder or liquid smell like “laundry” smell (whoever came up with that term!?)?

And, what does natural floral scent really mean when it’s really artificial fragrance?

I believe you would agree with me ... Enough with the bad smelling, chemical smelling artificial fragrancesthat plague the home cleaning industry. 

Give us natural and good smelling cleaning products that makes us feel good and make our lives better. Essential oils fit the bill as they are 100% natural, smells good and has many cleaning and disinfectant properties. Beyond the physical benefits, they also have many emotional and therapeutic benefits. 

Want to feel uplifted and happier? Use Grapefruit essential oil

Want to feel motivated? Use Citrius essential oil

Want to feel peace and calm? Use Lemongrass or Lavender essential oil

Want to feel energetic? Use Mint or Eucalyptus essential oil

Soapnut Republic natural home cleaning products are all made from naturally derived soap from fruit pulp of the soapnut tree (i.e. soapnut berries extract), and blended with a variety of essential oils to aid you in giving your home a good cleaning while still smelling good and making your home feel good.

Doing the dishes or mopping the floor will never smell the same again. Trust me. It will be good.

Try Soapnut Republic Natural Home Cleaning products for a Feel Good Home. Smells good, too.

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