Children playing with bleach is not safe!

Posted by Christine Dormeier on

We all know the dangers of bleach, that is why we typically hide bleach under our sink, or back in the corner of the cupboard. Why?
We don’t want our kids to accidentally chance upon that bottle of toxic liquid and end up hurting themselves, either by pouring it over themselves or (!!) drinking a gulp of the liquid. 
And, it’s not just bleach that is dangerous. 
Have you taken a look at the ingredient list that makes up the bottle of pine-scented floor cleaner, the lemon scented multi-purpose cleaner or the lime scented dishwashing liquid? Do you even know what those long chemical names mean? Do you know if they are safe? Would you be certain if ingested would cause no harm?
Well, give yourself peace of mind, buy yourself peace of mind, when you use natural cleaning product at home. Natural cleaning products are typically made from plant-based ingredients, which means these ingredients are derived directly from nature and not from petrochemicals. The ingredients are safe and gentle for you and the environment. 
Soapnut Republic Founder, Bobby Mitchel, founded the company precisely because as a kid he had accidentally ingested a mouthful of bleach. That accident was almost fatal, but fortunately, pulled through, but was hospitalized for weeks. Don’t leave it to chance, get rid of the bottles of chemicals/poison from your home now. 

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