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Five Years of Soapnut Republic!

Posted by Ivy Leung on

Cheers to five years of Soapnut Republic!

Soapnut Republic在中國滿五歲啦!

And while we’ve been selling our non-toxic home care essentials for the past five years, our journey started a few years earlier. Let’s recap on our story so far


2012: The idea for Soapnut Republic was born around the same time as our first child, Tara. We did extensive research online and in stores to find products that would be safe enough to use around our baby girl. And, although we found many “ green” and “eco” options, very few brands were using ingredients that were safe for the people using their products. We were concerned about the environment too, but our first priority was finding products that would be safe for our growing family.

2012: 最初創辦Soapnut Republic的想法產生的時間幾乎和我們有了第一個孩子是同時的。我們在網上和線下進行了大量的搜索,想為我們的寶貝女兒找到足夠安全的產品在家裡使用。雖然我們確實是找到了不少“綠色”和“環保”的選項,但真正使用對人體安全的成分和配方的產品少之又少。不僅如此,我們對環境保護也十分關注,只是當時,我們的首要任務是為這個正在成長中的家庭找到安全的產品

2013: We did some serious multi-tasking! Most memorably, we juggled life as new parents with the development of our core product range. My husband Bobby, whose background is in chemical engineering, formulates every product we make. The products are tested extensively in a laboratory and certified, but importantly, we test them in our family home and only release products that meet our own strict standards for safety and effectiveness.

2013: 當時的我們身兼各種重任!最難忘的是我們倆一邊初為人父為人母,一邊還要兼顧打造核心產品的研發。我的丈夫Bobby憑藉他化工學科的專業背景,為我們每一款產品調製配方。除了在實驗室進行大量的測試和認證,我們還在自己的家裡試用它們,為的就是確保我們的產品能滿足我們自己對安全和功效的嚴格要

2014: Our first sale! We launched with a few online grocery stores who are still our loyal customers today. We participated in hundreds of markets, fairs and other events, getting the word out into the community about our safe, allergen free, biodegradable cleaning products. We also welcomed our second child, Jade.

2014: 開賣啦!我們通過幾家網店上線了產品,而他們至今也仍然是我們的忠實用戶。我們還參加了上百個集市、展會和各類線下活動,向社區普及我們安全不致敏、並且環保可降解的清潔產品理念。我們也迎來了第二個寶寶。

2015: Our products were accredited as Vegan & Cruelty Free by the American animal rights organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

2015: 我們的產品得到了美國動物權益保護協會(PETA)“純素&不殘忍”的認可

We launched in Hong Kong, where we also won the 2015 Natural & Organics Products Asia Award for our entire product range.


2016: We won the 2016 Westpac AustCham Australia China Business Award - Business Excellence for Start Up Enterprises, and we were personally congratulated by the Australian Prime Minister for our achievements.

2016: 我們榮膺2016年度澳大利亞西太平洋銀行澳中商業大獎——企業創業獎,並獲得了澳大利亞總理馬爾科姆•特恩布爾個人對我們的成就給予的嘉獎。

We also welcomed our third child, Sienna.


2017: We launched in Singapore. We introduced a refill service in Shanghai, and our bulk products business for zero waste stores became extremely popular in Hong Kong and Singapore.

2017: 我們在新加坡上線了。我們在上海推出空瓶續滿服務,而我們為零浪費門店推出的大瓶裝產品則在香港和新加坡廣受好評。

We introduced bulk products in mainland China, and many customers started using these to refill their empty bottles at home.


2018: We won the That’s Shanghai Independent Lifestyle Brand of the Year Award (Editor’s Choice).

2018: 我們榮獲That’s Shanghai生活方式品牌大獎的年度品牌獎(編輯之選)。

We also won two major awards at the China Eco Design Fair - the Shining Star Award for Most Outstanding Eco Impact, and the Eco Product Trailblazer Award for Best Eco Product / Innovation.


2019: We opened our official Taobao Store in August, and won the That’s Shanghai Independent Lifestyle Brand of the Year Award (People’s Choice).

2019: 我們的官方淘寶店於八月正式開張,並獲得當年的That’s Shanghai生活方式品牌大獎的年度品牌獎(人民之選)。

In September, we sent our first shipment to Denmark – stay tuned for details of our European launch.


Early 2020: We know a lot of customers have been waiting patiently for our personal care range. Well, it's finally coming! We'll have Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash available soon. It takes extensive testing and re-testing to develop products using natural ingredients. We've work diligently to perfect the formulations, with key priorities being both consumer safety and product performance. We're confident that you will love what we have in store.


Big thanks to everyone who has followed us, used our products and shared in the Soapnut Republic journey. We love our community of Soapnut Republicans, and your support and feedback motivates us to continue developing premium products that are completely safe and just as effective. We assure you that the best is yet to come!

在此,我們想對每一位關注我們、使用我們的產品,甚至參與了我們這段歷程的每一位朋友表示衷心的感謝。我們熱愛這個Soapnut Republic人組成的大社區,你們的支持和反饋一直推助、激勵著我們不斷研製卓越的產品,在保證安全的同時效用拔群。我們向您保證,未來會有更好的產品來到您的身邊。

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