Clean & Protect Your Home with Multipurpose Spray / 多用途噴霧清潔液如何保護您的家居

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Use Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Spray to effectively clean all of your household surfaces; and protect your family from both infections and toxic chemicals.

Our Multi Purpose Spray is powered by cleansing Soapnut berry extract, and D-Limonene and Tea Tree essential oils which possess antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

This product is an extremely effective and versatile cleaner. Uses include: 

  • Cleaning any hard surfaces such as living room furniture, kitchen tables, bench tops, and bathroom surfaces. You simply spray the product onto any hard surfaces and wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Cleaning dirty marks off walls – use a clean, damp cloth, spray directly onto any washable surfaces and wipe the dirty marks away.
  • Removing mould – spray directly onto the surface and wipe away. You can also use our glass cleaner which contains a high level of white vinegar and other natural surfactant ingredients to remove mould from any surfaces.
  • Cleaning fabric furniture and carpet – great for removing surface marks such as food, drinks including wine, crayons etc. Spray directly onto the surface and blot out the mark with a wet clean cloth. Always blot rather than rub to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Cleaning children’s toys and nursery items – due to the non-toxic, allergen free nature of our formulations and the fact that our ingredients are food-grade, our Multi Purpose Spray and in fact all Soapnut Republic products are perfectly safe. For toys that can be immersed in water you can also use our Dish Soap.
  • Cleaning exercise equipment – you don’t need to spend money on specially designed yoga mat and exercise equipment sprays when our non-toxic Multi Purpose Spray will do the job just as well if not better. It is perfectly safe for skin contact.
  • Cleaning pet equipment – your furry friends will be safe with Soapnut Republic, and rest assured that we do not test any of our products on animals. In fact, our products are accredited as Vegan & Cruelty Free by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Spray is sold in 500mL spray bottles. We also offer 5-Litre bottles of Multi Purpose Cleaner which can the used to simply refill your empty 500mL spray bottles at home. 

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 使用 Soapnut Republic 多功能噴霧清潔液有效清潔家中所有的傢俬表面; 並保護家人免受有毒化學物質感染和傷害。 



多功能噴霧清潔液是一種有效且用途廣泛的清潔液。 用途包括:

1. 清潔任何傢俬表面,例如客廳家具、廚房爐具、桌面和浴室表面。 只需將清潔劑噴在任何表面上,然後用濕布擦拭乾淨。

2. 清除牆壁上的痕跡 —— 使用乾淨的濕布,直接噴灑在任何表面上,然後擦去痕跡。 

3. 去除霉菌 - 直接噴灑在表面上並擦拭乾淨。還可以使用我們的玻璃清潔劑,該清潔劑含有高階白醋和其他天然表面活性劑成分,可以去除任何表面的霉菌。 

4. 清潔布藝家具和地毯——非常適合去除食物、飲料(包括酒)、蠟筆等表面痕跡。直接噴灑在表面上,然後用乾淨的濕布擦掉痕跡。

 5. 清潔兒童幼兒玩具和用品——由於我們的配方無毒、不含過敏成分,而且我們的成分是食品級的,我們的多用途噴霧劑和所有 Soapnut Republic 產品都是安全的。對於可以浸在水中的幼兒玩具,也可以使用我們的西柚精油洗碗液清潔。

 6. 清潔運動器材——您無需花錢購買專門清潔瑜伽墊和運動器材的噴霧劑,因為我們的無毒多功能噴霧清潔液也能完成這項工作。皮膚接觸是完全安全的。

 7. 清潔寵物設備——您的寵物使用 Soapnut Republic的產品會很安全,請放心,我們不會在動物身上測試我們的任何產品。我們的產品已被 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 認證為 Vegan & Cruelty Free。

 8. Soapnut Republic多功能噴霧清潔液以 500 毫升噴霧瓶出售。我們還提供 5公升多用途清潔劑瓶,可用於在家中簡單地補充空的 500 毫升噴霧瓶。



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