Why Cut the Chemicals?

Posted by Ivy Leung on

On an ordinary day, an average person exposes themselves to roughly 130 chemicals. And the ultimate risk of using toxic chemical products is of course to our health.

Research suggests that 64% of the products we apply topically are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Remnants of dishwashing liquids are often ingested and absorbed into our bodies. Strong chemical hand soaps leave our skin feeling dry and damaged. Residual chemicals from laundry products end up on our skin, causing irritation. You get the picture.

Natural products are generally better than synthetic alternatives. But, it is important to be aware that not all natural products are created equal. Some natural ingredients may be safe for the environment, but they are not always safe for the people using them. Check labels and make informed decisions about which products you buy.

All Soapnut Republic products are completely safe, non-toxic, allergen free and biodegradable. They deliver outstanding cleaning results that other brands only achieve with toxic chemicals.

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Know the risks of using toxic chemical products, and the fact that not all natural products are created equal.

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