Eat Safe with Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable Wash

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Kim Gilliland, our Australian founder gets into the details of cleaning fruits and vegetables. Find out how she does it ... 


“If I’m washing just a few things, for example, apples for the kids, I spray the product directly onto the surface of the apples, rub it in with my hands and then let the apples sit on the benchtop for a few minutes. Then I give them another quick rub, rinse with clean water and they are safe and ready to eat."

"If I’m washing quite a few items in preparation for a meal, I usually use a salad spinner or I have a vegetable washing bowl. I place the vegetables or salad items in the basket, spray across with the Fruit & Vegetable Wash, cover the produce with clean water and then swish everything around with my hands. After a minute or two, I remove the basket, empty the dirty water and repeat the process with clean water."

"It is always important to give everything a final rinse with clean water to ensure that the harmful chemicals that have been removed by the product are washed away."

"If I’m washing leafy green vegetables, I usually soak everything for a few minutes longer to make sure that all of the hidden dirt and any bugs are soaked out."

"I always treat berries carefully. I only ever wash them just before I’m about to eat them, otherwise the water spoils most berries. I wash them twice, but I’m careful not to agitate them too much and I don’t leave them to soak for too long."


Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable Wash is designed primarily to remove toxic chemical residue, dirt and harmful bacteria. However, it is also very effective for removing artificial wax from waxed fruits.

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